The Curse 2

Age 12

384 pages

136 x 205 mm


Emily Bold, Carolin Liepins

The Curse 2

After Vanora’s curse has been broken, Sam’s and Payton’s happiness should actually be perfect. If only it were not for the fact that the evil witch Nathaira burdens Payton with a new curse with her dying breath: as his big love Sam has survived, he is now to die in her place.

When Payton subsequently separates from her to protect her and goes in search of a solution without her, Sam summons all her courage and travels after him – back to Scotland, where everything began.

And indeed Sam, Payton and his brother Sean find out that there is a way to break the curse. The blood of Nathaira’s mother, Vanora, is needed for this. The witch who was responsible for the first curse that Payton and his brothers had to suffer from – and who has been dead for 270 years. Could it be possible to overcome time and space and travel into the past?

While Sam is still wondering about this, the three find the answer in a story steeped in myth, the Legend of the Five Sisters. According to this legend, it is possible to find a way into the past and indeed Sam succeeds by means of a stone to travel back almost 300 years into the past. There she must not only find her way in an unknown and rough reality, but also win the trust of Payton, who does not know her yet in the past. She succeeds through her brave involvement when Payton’s father Fingal is severely injured by an arrow. However, her stay at the castle of the McLeans is not without its adversities, because Sam’s appearance evidently shows her to be a Cameron descendent whose clan is an enemy of the Stuarts and the McLeans.

As a captive of the Stuarts and McLeans, Sam must assert herself repeatedly, while Payton’s state is constantly worsening in the present. In a daring action, Sam finally succeeds in returning to her time with a dagger that has Vanora’s blood stuck to it and in saving Payton.


  • For all fans of “Outlander”

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