The Curse

Age 12

336 pages

136 x 205 mm


  • Fantasy Young Adult Novel

Emily Bold, Carolin Liepins

The Curse

In a Nuthell:

In order to improve her geography knowledge, Samantha spends her holiday in Scotland. No sooner has she arrived at her guest family than she is drawn into the legends and myths of the area. Like about the mysterious Payton, who appears to harbour a sinister secret. Payton is over two hundred years old, trapped forever in the body of a nineteen-year-old and furthermore with a curse not to feel any emotions – until he meets Sam who finally makes him feel something again.

However, with every step in Payton’s direction, Sam gets closer to a gruesome truth that is enmeshed in the turmoil of time.


“Do you think it is sensible to be with me?” His words were quiet, almost whispered, and his features were strained. “No. It is even the most unsensible thing I’ve ever done”, I admitted.

Sam loves Indiana Jones more than anything else. Her wish: to finally experience an adventure herself. However, this happens quicker than expected and the 17-year-old has not idea that she will also give away her heart in the process…

Because when Sam’s best friend suddenly has a boyfriend and the most arrogant bloke of the whole school is getting mightily on her nerves, her teacher’s offer comes at the right time: she is supposed to travel to Scotland during the holidays to improve her geography knowledge. In the Highlands, with all its myths and legends, there is no doubt more to experience than in her homeland!

The very next day she is almost run over by a mysterious motorcyclist. She is only just able to dodge it. Her shock is, however, nothing compared to that of Payton who is sitting on the motorbike. Because for the first time in over 200 years he has felt something again for the first time. The good-looking Highlander, trapped forever in the body of a 19-year-old, has been cursed along with his clan. In the year 1740, Payton and his brothers were involved in the massacre of the Camerons because of a loyalty oath. The Cameron clan was obliterated mercilessly – a misconception! Because a young woman was able to escape from the swords – and Sam is a direct descendent and therefore a clan member of the Camerons.

The witch Vanora, however, cursed all those who were part of the massacre: the warriors would not be immortal, but without any feeling – no pain, no hate, no love – nothing. An existence worse than death.

270 years later Sam appears to dispel the curse when Payton finally feels something again. And although her proximity triggers pain in him like hot iron, he falls in love with the American girl.

Sam has also lost her heart to the immortal Payton, but when he tells her of his bloody past and the gruesome deeds against her ancestors, she is shocked and flees back to the USA, where she has a broken heart but considers herself safe.

However, she did not recon with Payton’s clan members, who want to see Sam dead because they fear for their immortality. They lie in wait for Sam and abduct her cousin. In a daring rescue mission, Payton and his brothers manage to bring the girl to safety. However, Payton is badly injured in the process. When Sam finds out that he as survived, she overcomes her inhibitions and confesses her love for him – although she knows that he is guilty of the death of her family.


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