Urmel Looks for Treasure

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Max Kruse, Günther Jakobs

Urmel Looks for Treasure

Hooray! It's Urmel's birthday today! But what's the matter here? Why hasn't anyone come to say Happy Birthday and give him a present? Wutz, Wawa, Ping Penguin and the professor – no one there! Urmel is sadly sitting on the beach. Then a bottle is washed up by the sea. It contains a mysterious treasure map! Urmel immediately forgets how sad he is and sets out to look for the treasure. When he gets to the place marked on the map he really does dig up a mystifying chest. And what is in the chest? The teddy bear Urmel has always wanted and a note saying, "Urmel, you are a treasure!" And suddenly they are all there – the professor, Tim, Wutz and all the others. They wanted to give their own treasure, their beloved Urmel, a surprise and sing him a birthday song. The Urmel picture book from 2008 (2,800 copies sold), now newly illustrated by Günther Jakobs.


  • New adventures with the beloved Urmel
  • 850,000 copies of the Urmel books sold worldwide
  • Superbly illustrated by Günther Jakobs

Sold to:
Russia, China