Urmel Flies Through Time

Age 8

176 pages

147 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Max Kruse, Günther Jakobs

Urmel Flies Through Time

Volume 12

Urmel and his friends go on a time journey.

It can only be expected to happen. When Professor Tibatong’s time glider, development as yet unfinished, is still standing in the shed, Urmel and his friends accidentally press the big red button – and off they set on a journey back into the past. This is the beginning of Urmel’s new adventure.While on its journey back into the present, the time glider lands several times and its passengers have some exciting adventures. They come across dinosaurs, a prehistoric crocodile, apes, Homo erectus, Homo sapiens …Luckily, in the end they get back to Titiwu, which is their favourite place. No sooner have they arrived than Urmel excitedly digs a hole in the sand to hide his souvenir: a real dinosaur egg!


  • Urmel: famous children’s classic series
  • With a lot of 4c pictures by Günther Jakobs
  • Advance publication in DIE ZEIT

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