How I Abducted Miss Luise and Went on a Secret Journey with Her

Age 9

240 pages

148 x 210 mm


Sabine Bohlmann, Miryam Specht

How I Abducted Miss Luise and Went on a Secret Journey with Her

In a nutshell:

Miss Luise is not Greta's real Grandma but Greta loves her just as much. When one day, however, Miss Luise has a fall and is put in a nursing home, the ten-year-old decides she has to get her friend out of there...



Eleven-year-old Greta's schedule is packed full. Her parents both work and so Greta's leisure time is organised right down to the final detail. Yet sometimes she longs for "real" leisure time – and she senses it coming when her yoga course comes to an end and her parents forget to enrol her for the next block. Greta can at last spend more time visiting her neighbour Miss Luise. She is old but in her mind as fit as a fiddle. Together they look at old photographs and Luise tells of the old days when she was still a child. When Miss Luise has a fall, the doctors refer her to an old-people's home after she has been discharged from hospital. She is accidentally put in a ward for patients with dementia. For Greta this is not a reason for not continuing to spend her Wednesday afternoons with her elderly friend. However, Luise seems to be mentally less and less with it and the warning bells start clanging in Greta's head. When at last the summer holidays begin, Greta has better things to do than spending six weeks at some camp: right on the very first day she makes a bee line for the old people's home. Everything is ready and Miss Luise, too, is prepared to run away. The two of them set off on a journey of adventure into Luise's past. On their way, they pick up the young Sam who is making his way through Germany with bag and baggage and a guitar. And finally they are joined by Moses, a huge mixed-breed dog who appoints the three travellers to be his new owners. Greta, of course, is always in contact with her parents, who expect to be regularly sent photos. Using a lot of imagination, the three travellers set things up in such a way as to keep them reassured. Another girl takes Greta's place at camp – a girl who would otherwise never have been able to afford such a holiday …


  • 35,000 copies of Sabine Bohlmann's books sold
  • With her charming style of writing Sabine Bohlmann goes straight to the heart