Where I Have My Freckles From

Age 10

176 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Nikola Huppertz, Felicitas Horstschäfer

Where I Have My Freckles From

When Lissi's birth father is killed in an accident, Lissi doesn't know whether to be sad or not. After all, she never knew him, and anyway – she already has a father: Jamal. Jamal, who is always in a good mood and a brilliant cook; Jamal who is like a father to her. For the first time, Lissi seriously wonders where her roots are. Together with her mother, she sets off on an adventurous road trip. It is a journey through the summer during which Lissi feels freer and lighter than she has for a long time. While on the road they listen to music from the time before Lissi was born and it has a profound effect on Lissi. And indeed, the music helps her feel some sort of relationship with her father. But at the end of the trip she is glad that Jamal is waiting for her with some of his famous African dishes.


  • A refreshingly story told with a light touch
  • A novel like a road movie
  • Beautiful language with a distinct sound