It was a catholic convent that founded the Sankt Gabriel Verlag in Vienna in 1901. Over the years, the section devoted to literature for children and teenagers became a publishing house in its own right. This led to a change in the company profile, resulting in a wide-ranging and committed programme that has won many awards.

Since 2000 the Gabriel Verlag has been part of the Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag GmbH. Well-known and new authors and illustrators have left their mark on the publishing programme.

The books produced by the Gabriel Verlag, now with an ecumenical orientation, are aimed at making children and their parents more familiar with Christian traditions over the course of a year and throughout a lifetime. Other topics, such as dealing with emotions and anxieties and questions about the meaning of life or about God, are also firmly anchored in the publishing programme.

Over and above this, Gabriel is about the values involved when people come together on a daily basis – about tolerance of cultures other than our own, for example. The books give readers the possibility to find out more about all sorts of different ideals and moral concepts and are a stimulation to think about their own religion and that of other people. That is what the slogan stands for: Gabriel – What really counts!

The Programme

The focus of the publishing programme is on the Bible, prayers, festivals and customs, and ethics. Within this range, books are produced for all age brackets, from board books and picture books through children's books to books for young adults.

Diversity is the guiding principle of the Gabriel Verlag behind its choice of topics and their realisation.

Authors and Illustrators

Gabriel Verlag authors and illustrators include award-winning writers Christian Nürnberger, Alois Prinz and Oscar Brenifer, satirist Erwin Grosche, religion education teachers Rainer Oberthür and Martin Polster, psychologist Roland Kachler and children's and young-adult book authors Martina Baumbach, Beate Dölling, Donna Freitas, Bettina Obrecht, Stephan Sigg and Katrin Stehle, each one of them with a special competence and their own distinctive style.

Apart from the outstanding photo artist Jan von Holleben, distinguished illustrators like Dagmar Geisler, Günther Jakobs, Rike Janßen, Verena Körting, Barbara Nascimbeni, Eva Schöffmann-Davidov, Renate Seelig and Catharina Westphal contribute to the books published by Gabriel Verlag.