January 2010 saw the launch of Planet Girl, the publisher of books for girls and young women. Planet Girl is an imprint of the Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag GmbH which has for years and with huge enthusiasm been publishing books for this target group. What began with the extremely successful Cheeky Books – Cheeky Girls! series by bestselling authors like Bianka Minte-König and Hortense Ullrich (more than 10 million copies sold in the German-speaking countries) is now being continued with series such as The Magic Girls, The Magic Garden and Elena – A Life for Horses.

Planet Girl sees itself as a publisher for specific target groups and in its programme development is directly geared to the world girls live in – and this is reflected in the publishing slogan: Planet Girl – My world full of books!

Romantic, cheeky or unputdownable

Girls and young women are inquisitive book worms and open for new topics. Planet Girl is where they can find good entertainment: romantic, cheeky or unputdownable. One of the aspects Planet Girl is particularly committed to in its books is self-confident girls with determination.

Planet Girl is especially interested in developing new kinds of books in cooperation with its own authors writing in German and with its own illustrators – books that meet the taste of readers bang on.

Bestselling authors like Nele Neuhaus and Gaby Hauptmann, Bianka Minte-König and Hortense Ullrich are names that spring to mind in this context as well as those of an increasing number of new authors writing in German, such as Janine Wilk, Tatjana Geßler and Sabine Bohlmann plus titles from other countries printed here under licence. They all of them are an enrichment of the world of Planet Girl.

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