I'll Swap Brother for Dog!

Age 8

144 pages


  • Children's Novel

Nikola Huppertz, Michael Bayer

I'll Swap Brother for Dog!

The perfectly normal hurly-burly amongst siblings. – A fast-paced brother-and-sister story with powerful dialogues!Janne is getting rattled because her brother Emil keeps bursting into her room when she has some private "big-sister stuff" to deal with. As far as this is concerned, Philine is luckier, for instead of brothers or sisters, she has got a dog! Janne is thrilled when she is asked to look after Trinchen, the dachshund bitch. But Emil is frightened of dogs and their parents are strictly against her taking in Trinchen. Janne works out a plan on how she can put up Trinchen in the attic of the apartment house.

Authentic and witty
Fast-paced and with powerful dialogues
Author with a good sense of the relationship of her characters

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