The Little Dormouse - It’s not comfortable yet!

Age 2

18 pages

165 x 165 mm


  • Picture Book

Sabine Bohlmann, Kerstin Schoene

The Little Dormouse - It’s not comfortable yet!

The little dormouse is ready to go to sleep. Well, almost. As it is not quite comfortable yet! He fetches some hay, fragrant clover and a big pile of leaves. Soon he has built the loveliest and softest nest one can imagine, but it is still not comfortable enough! It is only when the little dormouse leaves everything be and snuggles between his friends that he realises contentedly: “Now it is comfortable!” – and shortly afterwards he falls asleep happily.


  • The little dormouse for the youngest readers
  • Handy, stable cardboard for viewing over and over again
  • A story about the value of cosy closeness


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