The Little Water-Sprite

Age 6

112 pages

173 x 245 mm


  • Children's Novel

Otfried Preußler, Winnie Gebhardt, Mathias Weber

The Little Water-Sprite

A little water sprite inquisitively explores the world on land.

Fish come from far and wide to bring their congratulations. The carp, Cyprinus, will become a good friend of the little water sprite.Before long, the little water sprite wants to explore the world. Nimbly and without a care in the world, he swims over the water sprite house, gets caught up in the tangle of water weeds, makes friends with the fish, disposes of the garbage carelessly thrown into the water by the humans. Then there is nothing to keep him below the surface anymore. He wants to explore the world above it. His first friends are little human boys who show him all sorts of things the little water sprite can only marvel at.Each day is packed with new adventures. And then autumn comes, and winter. This is when, like all water sprites, he gets ready for the long hibernation and wonders what the world will look like when he wakes up again!



  • Original illustrations by Winnie Gebhardt colourised by Mathias Weber

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