Dr. Brumm on Hula Hula

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Daniel Napp

Dr. Brumm on Hula Hula


This is not really what relaxation is about …

Dr. Brumm, Badger and Beluga want to relax and unwind. Somewhere far away where it is nice and warm. Without further ado, Dr. Brumm books a trip on the internet and the next day off they go. But no sooner than have they landed on the beautiful island of Hula Hula, Beluga, complete with his goldfish bowl, is grabbed by a huge, hungry albatross and whisked off to the top of a volcano! Dr. Brumm and Badger immediately set off in pursuit to rescue their friend and in the process have to brave sharks, crabs and dizzily high cliffs! They manage to rescue Beluga from the claws of the nasty bird, but relaxation is still nowhere in sight. Not when Dr. Brumm has booked the holiday …


  • Dr. Brumm is back again at last!
  • A fast-paced adventure that only Dr. Brumm can have

Sold to:
Finland, Russia, Denmark, Poland, China

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