Dr Brumm Doesn't Understand

Age 4

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Daniel Napp

Dr Brumm Doesn't Understand

Dr Brumm is doing what every perfectly normal bear does on Saturday: he's watching soccer. But then the telly suddenly goes dead. "Goodness me!" exclaims Dr Brumm. But he can't understand why his soccer game is no longer in the box. But then he discovers a cable. "Goodness, how can a whole soccer field get through such a thin cable?" That's something Dr Brumm doesn't understand. This is the beginning of an absurdly adventurous search for the lost soccer game, and when Dr Brumm is at last back home, sitting in front of the telly again, he is amazed – his soccer players are now sitting in little cars and going round in circles!

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South Africa (Afrikaans), China, Denmark, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Norway, Poland, Russia, Denmark (Swedish)

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