A Friend Like No Other

Age 6

128 pages

173 x 245 mm


Oliver Scherz, Barbara Scholz

A Friend Like No Other

In a Nutshell:

Habbi is joyfully jumping about in the woods stuffing his cheeks with all sorts of treasures: a snail shell, a bird's feather, a dragonfly wing. Until he suddenly crashes into a wolf, a squirrel's greatest enemy. But instead of pouncing on him, the wolf merely looks weakly at him through half-closed eyes. He seems to be badly injured. How could Habbi possibly leave him alone there? Each day he brings him food and gradually they become friends – until their friendship is put to a tough test …


If the truth be told, Habbi knows exactly that he should not stray too far away from his squirrel nest. After all, his mummy had told him that time and time again. But he just loves looking for new treasures for his secret collection. A colourful feather, an empty snail shell and a lizard's tail are already stuffed into Habbi's cheek pouches.

He joyfully jumps after a dragonfly's wing floating past him in a stream. The water is going faster and faster and with it the dragonfly's wing. When Habbi tries to follow it, he falls down a steep scree slope and crashes against a large boulder. But to his surprise, he is uninjured. Something soft has broken his fall – an animal lying at the foot of the slope. And it is not just any animal. Habbi has crashed into a squirrel's greatest enemy, a wolf. Yet the wolf shows no sign of attacking Habbi.

That evening, when Habbi is cuddling up with his brothers and sisters, he suddenly realises why the wolf left him alone. He must be injured, perhaps his paw is trapped. Otherwise he would never have left Habbi alone. He looked sad, the wolf. Habbi cannot forget the sight.

The next day he secretly goes back to the boulder. The wolf is still lying there. He has closed his eyes and is not moving. Very cautiously, Habbi approaches the wolf and even more cautiously begins to remove the scree the wolf is trapped in. But when the wolf is free, he shows little gratitude; hisses instead that Habbi should bunk of and let let him die in peace.

But Habbi can't do that. Day after day he visits the wolf, who is called Yaruk, and brings him food. An extraordinary friendship develops, which is put on the test again and again. For the more Yaruk regains his strength, the more his appetite for meat increases. But this does not make their friendship suffer. Quite the opposite, in fact. As Yaruk resists his natural longings, so does the trust between the two of them grow. And when Habbi's parents find out that a dangerous wolf has set up camp in their vicinity and they organise a meeting of all forest animals to hunt him down, Habbi stands by his friend.


  • Bestselling author and illustrator duo
  • Emotionally gripping and brilliantly written!
  • Illustrated in colour by Barbara Scholz
  • Over 250,000 books by Oliver Scherz sold

Sold to:
Israel (Hebrew), Spain (Spanish), Taiwan (Chinese)


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