When the Stars Sparkle in the Dark

Age 18

10 pages

190 x 220 mm


  • Children's Novel Picture Book

Christina Nömer, Marina Rachner

When the Stars Sparkle in the Dark

Novelty Board book with blow-out light

The little animals have experienced a lot during the day: Fin the Fox has been on a trip, Benny the Bear has played with building blocks, Daisy the Duck has splashed around in the pond and Milo the Mouse has been racing around with his siblings. Now they are really tired! But the favourite blanket, cuddly toy, lullaby and goodnight kiss are not enough to get the little ones to sleep. By blowing on the sensor, the stars in the sky start to sparkle. Will you blow on the stars so the animal child can sleep? Blow once and it lights up! An interactive book for the youngest children.


  • An interactive blow-out book for going to bed
  • Falling asleep as a top topic
  • Charmingly illustrated by Marina Rachner  


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