Streaks of Bad Luck are Dyed Pink

Age 10

208 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Mina Teichert, Stephanie Reis

Streaks of Bad Luck are Dyed Pink

Twelve-year-old Winni has a big dream: she wants to be a background dancer in a music video and, despite her love of her homeland, she wants to escape from the narrowness of the island as soon as possible. Fiete, on the other hand, comes from the city, is finding peace and quiet on the island Amrum and is learning at the spa clinic how to live with diabetes. Due to the disappearance of Winni’s tame seagull called Chicken Wing that is unable to fly, the two of them get to know each other. Fiete gabbles like a waterfall and finds that Winni’s surname would go wonderfully with his first name. An enormous challenge for Winni, as Fiete does not really correspond to her notion of coolness. And worse still, her attempts to put him off fail miserably. However, when some island animals disappear, the two decide to scout out the evil-doer. Fiete gets into life-threatening danger and Winni realises that she likes him more than she had anticipated. A race against time starts. Winni and her ponies Stormflood and Cassiopeia must hurry up to rescue Fiete. Even quicker than the tide…


  • Exceptional friendship story with depth
  • Unmistakeable, fresh narrative voice with a humorous tone
  • A real discovery: Spiegel best-selling author Mina Teichert