Pino, Lela and the Little Fox

Age 3

32 pages

232 x 300 mm


  • Picture Book

Günther Jakobs

Pino, Lela and the Little Fox

What is that howling and whimpering in the middle of the night? A little fox, all alone. The swallow Lela and the squirrel Pino must help him! But how can they do that and find its mother without putting themselves in danger? Lela has an idea: they need the help of the other animals in the forest. However, it is only with the help of the badger and his instinct for underground passageways that they succeed in bringing the little fox back to his den.


  • Lovable protagonists Lela Swallow and Pino Squirrel
  • A story about cooperation and the strengths of the individual
  • Charmingly scripted and illustrated by Günther Jakobs

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