Jump! Especially Over Your Shadow

Age 10

224 pages

148 x 210 mm


  • Children's Novel

Mina Teichert, Stephanie Reis

Jump! Especially Over Your Shadow

Pebbles speaks quietly and politely. Coco prefers to curse loudly and wildly. Pebbles is very shy. Coco loves attention. Pebbles has no friends. Coco decides that Pebbles is her new best friend. She takes Pebbles with her into her colourful world, because the former circus girl knows how to take care of someone. And before Pebbles can look around, she has a true friend with whom she succeeds in overcoming her limitations!


  • An exceptional and turbulent girls’ friendship
  • A sensitive story about ADHD told lightly
  • Autobiographically motivated: Mina Teichert knows how it is to have one’s head in the clouds