Brigitte Endres

Brigitte Endres

Brigitte Endres was born in Würzburg and studied history and German before taking up teaching as a profession. She discovered her talent for making up stories when she started writing for her pupils, and it was not long before she published her first book for children. This was followed by several others for various publishing houses and Bavarian Broadcasting. Brigitte Endres now freelances fulltime as an author.

Written by Brigitte Endres

Hallo, ich bin auch noch da!

Brigitte Endres, Joëlle Tourlonias

Hello, I'm Here, Too!

Why doesn't anyone ever see me?

The little chameleon is sitting in his terrarium in the pet shop and waiting more ...

Valentine und das Undercover-Meerschweinchen

Brigitte Endres, Formlabor

Valentine and the Undercover Guniea Pig

First story:

The Day my Guinea Pig Turned into a Detective Chief Inspector 

Valentine's parents work as more ...