Christian Nürnberger

Christian Nürnberger

Christian Nürnberger (*1951) is a top-class journalist and writer whose books are to be found in the best-selling lists. He studied Theology and worked for the daily Frankfurter Rundschau and for Capital magazine. He contributes regularly to the daily Süddeutsche Zeitung and the weekly newspaper Zeit and has been freelancing as a writer since 1990. He and his wife Petra Gerster, a very well-known face on German TV news/ZDF, and their two children live in Mainz.

Written by Christian Nürnberger

Mutige Menschen

Christian Nürnberger

Courageous People

Christian Nürnberger tells us about men and women who have the guts to see things differently, to attempt more ...

Der rebellische Mönch, die entlaufene Nonne und der größte Bestseller aller Zeiten, Martin Luther

Petra Gerster, Christian Nürnberger, Irmela Schautz

The Rebellious Monk, the Runaway Nun and the Greatest Bestseller of all Times

Martin Luther – first a monk, then a radical reformer and finally, involuntary so, the first Protestant. What more ...

Nelson Mandela

Christian Nürnberger, Stephan Kaußen

Nelson Mandela

In his portrait, Christian Nürnberger has impressively shown how the unpolitical student turned into a pioneer more ...

Das Christentum

Christian Nürnberger


In this book, the Spiegel bestselling author Christian Nürnberger takes a look at Christianity and addresses more ...

Keine Bibel

Christian Nürnberger

Not a Bible

A crash course for all those who want to understand the Bible but not read thousands of pages. By the Spiegel more ...