Karolin Kolbe

Karolin Kolbe

Karolin Kolbe was born in Kassel in 1993 and has been making up stories ever since she could make recordings and hold a pencil. She started writing at elementary school and hasn’t stopped since. After passing her Abitur, she spent a year doing voluntary environmental work in Berlin, where she is now at university.

Written by Karolin Kolbe

17 Briefe oder der Tag, an dem ich verschwinden wollte

Karolin Kolbe

17 Letters or The Day I Wanted to Disappear

Line has now made up her mind – tomorrow is the day she is going to disappear! Out of her old life, away from more ...

School`s out – Jetzt fängt das Leben an!

Karolin Kolbe

Now Life Can Begin!

The last exam is over – that's that as far as school is concerned. What now? Anni, Marlene, Clara and Lotte more ...


Karolin Kolbe


In a Nutshell:

Nike loves the lives of other people: in the metro she squints over to read other people's more ...