Martin Gülich

Martin Gülich

Martin Gülich was born in 1963 and lives and freelances as an author in Stuttgart. His first young-adult novel was "Preseason" (1999), and since then he has published a volume of short stories and five more novels, his latest being "What Doesn't Belong to Us" (2012, Nagel & Kimche, Zürich). His books have been translated into nine languages and won several awards, including the Thaddäus Troll Prize, the Reinhold Schneider Promotion Prize of the city of Freiburg and the Heinrich Heine Scholarship awarded by the city of Lüneburg.

Written by Martin Gülich

Die fabelhafte Reise des Gaspard Amundsen

Martin Gülich, Laura Fuchs, Laura Fuchs

Gaspard's fabulous journey

After spending 107 years of his life living happily and contentedly in the familiar surroundings of his home, more ...