Nikola Huppertz

Nikola Huppertz

Nikola Huppertz was born in Mönchengladbach in 1976 and studied violin and psychology in Duisburg and Berlin. She now lives with her two children in Hanover and writes books for children, teenagers and adults. Her texts strongly reflect her musicality and interest in psychology for she has a strong feeling for the rhythm of a story and the way her characters are related.

Written by Nikola Huppertz

Biete Bruder! Suche Hund!

Nikola Huppertz, Michael Bayer

I'll Swap Brother for Dog!

The perfectly normal hurly-burly amongst siblings. – A fast-paced brother-and-sister story with powerful more ...

Woher ich meine Sommersprossen habe

Nikola Huppertz

Where I Have My Freckles From

When Lissi's birth father is killed in an accident, Lissi doesn't know whether to be sad or not. After all, more ...