Renate Seelig

Renate Seelig

Renate Seelig (1938-2018) lives in Frankfurt am Main and is well known for her magnificent anthology illustrations.


Illustrated by Renate Seelig

Die Ostererzählung

Rainer Oberthür, Renate Seelig

The Easter Story

Do we really know why we celebrate Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Sunday? This picture more ...

Die Weihnachtserzählung

Rainer Oberthür, Renate Seelig

The Christmas Story

A picture book about why we celebrate Christmas.


Why do we celebrate Christmas? The reason is to be found in more ...

Franz von Assisi und die Sprache der Tiere

Erich Jooß, Renate Seelig

Francis of Assisi and the Language of the Animals

Stories featuring Francis of Assisi, who understood the language of the animals.

In these fifteen stories, more ...

Die Pfingsterzählung

Rainer Oberthür, Renate Seelig

The Pentecost Story

What is the story behind Pentecost?

It caused quite a kerfuffle when the disciples could suddenly speak in more ...