Sibylle Hammer

Sibylle Hammer

Sibylle Hammer works, lives and freelances as an illustrator and graphic designer in Munich. Apart from working for Bavarian Broadcasting in the field of design, she writes and illustrates children's books. In 2003 she was awarded a prize for the best school book of the year by the Stiftung Buchkunst.

Illustrated by Sibylle Hammer

Ritter Kuno Kettenstrumpf

Oliver Pötzsch, Sibylle Hammer

The Knight Kuno ChainmailStocking

Knight Sir Kuno ChainmailStocking and his adventures

Beyond the great forest and the dragon mountains there more ...

Ritter Kuno Kettenstrumpf und die geheimnisvolle Flaschenpost

Oliver Pötzsch, Sibylle Hammer

Knight Sir Kuno ChainmailStocking and the Mysterious Message in a Bottle

Kuno ChainmailStocking has found a message in a bottle. At last some news from his long-lost father! As a more ...