Thorsten Saleina

Thorsten Saleina

Thorsten Saleina, born in 1970 in Stade, studied Communication Design and Illustration at the University of Applied Sciences in Hamburg. After completing his studies, he designed advertising campaigns, product packaging and corporate identities as a graphic designer at various agencies, until he decided to pursue his actual passion further, namely sketching. Now he illustrates books for children and adults and works freelance for design and advertising agencies.

Illustrated by Thorsten Saleina

Der Räuber Hotzenplotz und die Mondrakete

Otfried Preußler, F. J. Tripp, Thorsten Saleina

The Robber Hotzenplotz and the Moon Rocket


In a Nutshell:

Constable Dimpfelmoser is breaking out into a sweat. The reason for this is that the more ...

Bei uns in Schilda

Otfried Preußler, Thorsten Saleina

Here in Schilda

Jeremias Punktum, the town clerk of Schilda, has committed everything he and his fellow citizens have more ...