Ulf  K.

Ulf K.

Ulf K., born in 1969 in Oberhausen, draws comics, illustrates children’s books and works for magazines and advertising. In 2004 he received the Max-and-Moritz Prize as the best German-speaking comics drawer. Ulf K. lives in Dusseldorf with his family.

Illustrated by Ulf K.

Wenn Glühwürmchen morsen

Ralph Caspers, Ulf K.

When Fireflies Morse

Bedtime stories, daytime stories – the 77 tales in this volume, as surprising as they are funny and more ...

Wenn Riesen reisen

Ralph Caspers, Ulf K.

When Giants Travel

Giant trails, summer snow and cloud foam – with unbelievable things behind them! In this second narrative more ...