The Big Picture Book of Stories from the Bible

Age 4

160 pages


  • Bible

Erwin Grosche, Erich Jooß, Uwe Natus, Susanne Conrad, Wolfram Eicke, Dagmar Geisler, Silvio Neuendorf, Eva Montanari, Peter Knorr, Anne Ebert, Karsten Teich

The Big Picture Book of Stories from the Bible

The best and most popular stories from the Old Testament, told by well-known writers and illustrated by artists of note:


When It was the World's Birthday by Uwe Natus/Dagmar Geisler

Noah and the Ark by Susanne Conrad/Eva Montanari

Have a Safe Journey, Little Moses by Wolfram Eicke/Silvio Neuendorf

David and Goliath by Wolfram Eicke/Peter Knorr

Daniel in the Lion’s Den by Erich Jooß/Anne Ebert

Jona and the Whale by Erwin Grosche/Karsten Teich


For the whole family
Well-known illustrators