Age 13

192 pages


  • Children's Novel

Karolin Kolbe, Formlabor


In a Nutshell:

Nike loves the lives of other people: in the metro she squints over to read other people's text messages, looks deep through the shining eyes of children in advertising posters and immerses in the films she´s watching with her friends. So it is hardly surprising that she almost bursts with happiness after being accepted by an acting school. On stage she can be anybody, can feel all emotions and live the lives of others. But when Nike meets Jasper it is now her own feelings she has to come to terms with: a pounding heart, butterflies in her stomach and a racing pulse – and not only on stage, either. This time, however, there is no script to tell her how the story will end …


  • A girl who sorts herself out and finds true love
  • Theatre and film: an unusual setting