The slogan Thienemann – We write stories! stands for the very much alive tradition of discovering new authors writing in German and illustrators, and giving them advice and support on the often long path to national and international success.

Classics of children's and young-adult literature

The publication in 1956 of The Little Water Sprite and, in 1960, of Jim Button and Lucas, the Engine Driver was the foundation for what Thienemann is today, namely the publishing house associated with the names of such important post-war authors writing in German as Michael Ende, Max Kruse, Otfried Preußler and Ursula Wölfel. Their books have been translated into more than 50 languages and have long since become classics of children's and young-adult literature in countries all over the world.

What children and teenagers want to read

Another tradition is the publication of books that are right on target when it comes to what young readers want and need.

Thus, for ten years, Thienemann has been the home of Professor Bumble, the adorable picture book bear created by Daniel Napp; not to mention all the numerous affectionately written and designed picture books by such authors and illustrators as Carola Schreiber-Wicke and Carola Holland, Daniela Kulot and Andrea Glitz. Last but by no means least, Kerstin Schoene has conquered the hearts of readers with her So Many Friends.

In the field of storybooks, children have been entertained for years by Max Kruse with his Urmel books, by Sebastian Lybeck and his tales about Latte Hedgehog and Joachim Friedrich with 4 ½ Friends. Oliver Scherz is just making a name for himself as an up-and-coming author with his surprising books to be read aloud and for children to read themselves.

Young-adult novels range from exciting thrillers such as those written by Alice Gabathuler, novels in the tradition of fantasy like The Heart of the Star Messenger by Priska Lo Cascio to the historical novels by Inge Barth-Grözinger, whose tales go back into the last century.

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