The Dratted Seven Young Goats

Age 4

32 pages

220 x 286 mm


  • Picture Book

Sebastian Meschenmoser

The Dratted Seven Young Goats

The evil wolf has hatched out the perfect plan to make the young goats open the door for him: he has dressed up as mother goat. It is enough to make you split your sides laughing to see him rushing into the goats' house in a dress and high heels. But what now? Far and wide there is not a young goat to be seen, just junk and mess everywhere! In order to get rid of the many hiding places the wolf has first to clean the whole house and tidy up. But just as everything is squeaky clean and the wolf has at last found the kids, the door opens … What happens now is a real surprise. Trying to find the little goats in the action-packed pictures and follow them through the house is huge fun.

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France, Italy, Russia, Korea